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Beauty Pro Email Launch

Subject: I’ve (or We’ve) made a shocking discovery 
Hey (Name), 
Recently I/We came across a product that’s doing things I’ve/we’ve never seen before and seeing as I’ve/we’ve been in the beauty space for X years, I thought I’d seen it all! 
It’s been making the rounds in the US for just over a year now, after having won recognition by several industry giants including Marie Claire and Elle Magazine for it’s debut. 
Before I/we tell you what it is, check out some of the photos from clients across the world. 
(enter a handful of photos) here. 
See why I/we was/were shocked to discover this and bring it to you?! 
The thing is, that once we hit age 25 there are some parts of our bodies that just stop producing like they do when we’re younger. And it’s a big deal, because in this case it’s that our bodies stop making the most abundant protein we have and so things like our skin start to loosen, wrinkles increase, stretch marks persist and so on. 
One of these proteins in particular accounts for 80% of our skin! 
By now you might know we’re talking about collagen. 
But like all things, not all collagens are created equally and different types of collagen support & benefit different parts of the body. 
I’m/We’re pleased to be bringing one of the most exclusively sourced marine collagens in the world to all of our clients here at ________.  
If you’d like to know more about this revolutionary product simply ____ (you can create a link to a video or or information - or tell them to call you, respond to email, etc,)
PS - After the last few years we’ve all had, what better time to show off that beautiful face of yours with a whole new glow up?!

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