Enrollment Instructions

Log into your Isagenix Back Office and select the ENROLL NEW MEMBER tab on your home page.

Country of Residence: Choose the correct country of your new customer and press NEXT.

Level of Savings: The option is already selected for you "Preferred Customer on Autoship" and press NEXT.

Initial Order: Select a pak or system and follow the customization steps and select Wholesale Quantity

When the cart is ready, press CONTINUE SIGNUP

Setup New Autoship: Choose the "Repeat my first order" option and press ADD TO CART. Your new customer can customize this at a later time.

Schedule Autoship: Open autoship calendar and manually set back 1 days. Then, set the "Autoship Frequency" to 29 days. Press NEXT.

Customer Information: Input personal information from the Order Form and create the Username (FirstNameLastName), set password to Ez$654321 (capital 'E', lowercase 'z'). Press NEXT.

Cart Summary: Review Initial Order and Autoship Order and press NEXT.

Payment: Fill in the billing information for the Initial and Autoship orders and Press NEXT.

Placement: Choose BOTTOM LEFT or BOTTOM RIGHT. If you’re unsure where exactly the enrollment should go, check with your Upline/Sponsor. Click here to watch placement strategy video.

SummaryDouble Check all information and press PLACE ORDER. You’ll know you’re done when you receive a Customer ID & Confirmation #.