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Enrollment Instructions

NOTE:  Before enrolling your first customer, make sure you've converted from Customer to Associate in your back office.

Log into your Isagenix Back Office and select the ENROLL NEW MEMBER tab on your home page.

Country of Residence: Choose the correct country of your new customer and press NEXT.

Level of Savings: The option is already selected for you "Preferred Customer on Autoship" and press NEXT.

Placement: Choose BOTTOM LEFT or BOTTOM RIGHT. If you’re unsure where exactly the enrollment should go, check with your Upline/Sponsor. Click here to watch placement strategy video.

Initial Order: Select a pak or system and follow the customization steps and select Wholesale Quantity

When the cart is ready, press CONTINUE SIGNUP

Setup New Lifestyle Rewards Order AKA Autoship: Choose the "Repeat my first order" option and press ADD TO CART. Your new customer can customize this at a later time.  Your customer will not be charged for Lifestyle Rewards until their next order ships.

Schedule Autoship: Open autoship calendar and manually set back 1 days. Then, set the "Autoship Frequency" to 29 days. Press NEXT.

Customer Information: Input personal information from the Order Form and create the Username (FirstNameLastName), set password to Ez$654321 (capital 'E', lowercase 'z'). Press NEXT.

Cart Summary: Review Initial Order and Autoship Order and press NEXT.

Payment: Fill in the billing information for the Initial and Autoship orders and Press NEXT.

SummaryDouble Check all information and press PLACE ORDER. You’ll know you’re done when you receive a Customer ID & Confirmation #.

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