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“Experience Your Breakthrough” Facebook Group

Steps For Using This Follow-Up System

Before Proceeding Make Sure You've Watched The Training Video HERE

The “EYB” Facebook Follow System is designed to help you overcome your prospect’s objections through additional exposures to testimonials, articles, videos, inspiration and community support only after they have already seen videos and been on a call. 


Pro Tip: It takes an average of 4-18 exposures before someone makes a decision — this method expedites that process significantly


It’s imperative that you customize the information per each of your prospect’s individual concerns.


Step 1: Tag your prospect’s name with language specific to what they are wanting to learn more about. (This is not designed to be a big shout out or anything along those lines, just a very simple matter of fact sentence, as though you’re continuing the conversation you had on the phone with them).


Step 2: In the “Comments” section, insert the article or video you want them to review. Again, this should be 100% customized based on what they are looking to learn more about or what their objection was. 


Pro Tip: Spend some time familiarizing yourself with company videos found on, testimonial videos and Success Stories found on the Isagenix youtube channel and articles on so you’ll always know which resource to provide for each prospect. If you’re not sure, ask a team member for their input.


Step 3: In the next comment box (see example below), tag your prospect again and then tag a team member who had similar goals, objections, etc. 


Use this reference guide to find the right story for your prospect >>> REFERENCE GUIDE <<<


This step is vital, as it creates a sense of community and shows your prospect they’re not the only person who had these concerns and that their goals are achievable. (If you are new and are still learning our team and community stories, please ask your mentor for help and/or post in the Team EZ Dream Team page asking for the type of testimonial you’re looking for).


Step 4: The team member(s) you tagged will comment and add value to the thread as well.


Please see (and do your best to follow) the example below:

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