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Non Beauty Pro to Beauty Pro
(warm market)

(via text or voice memo)

Hey ____, 


I’m reaching out because you’re one of (or the) best ______ (este, hairstylist) etc that I know and what I appreciate most is your commitment to _____ (giving your clients the best possible experience, results, etc etc.). I also know how hard you work. Now before I go on, please know that I know you get hit up all the time and so I wouldn’t waste your time if I didn’t think you’d want to be one of the first to hear about this. 


I recently (or I am) partnered with a global wellness brand and although they have an entire catalog of products, there’s one in particular that made me think of you immediately.. About 14 months ago, they released an industry-disrupting clinically proven marine collagen product that’s already done over $200 Million in sales and is being used by ______ (enter their profession) all over the world as a way to get their clients never seen before results, while also giving them the ability to diversify their income with a built in e-commerce and dropshipping platform. That means no inventory stocking, no shipping, no quotas or any of the other headaches that might come with distributing a product. But before I get ahead of myself, would it be ok if I just dropped a few photos here, so you can see how extraordinary the results people have gotten are? 


Them: Yeah, sure! 


You: Drop in a 3-5 stunners (including yours if possible) or Use Lookbook 


Them: Wow!! 


You: Amazing right? Based on the photos and the little I shared, are you open to learning more? 


Them: Absolutely


You: I thought you might be. Let’s do this, I have a 2-minute video that does an incredible job of deep diving into what separates this collagen from everything else on the market. If I send it, would you watch it?


Them: For sure. 


You: Send Video – Let me know once you’ve had a chance to watch it. 


Them: Done! (or you’ll circle back in a day) etc. 


You: I really think you could crush it with this. What I’d like to do next is ______ 

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