Get Your Products Paid For

We've created a series of videos & audios to teach you how to do this, step by step.

1.  Watch this video explaining how to Text A Few, complete the action step, and proceed to #2.

2.  Listen to this Edifcation Audio prior to getting on any three-way calls.

3.  Watch this video on how to leverage a prewritten, proven Social Media Post to launch to your network in a non spammy, curiosity creating, classy way. 

4. If you're ready to really turn your results into a significant income, then make a short list of people you think may get excited about the financial opportunity that Isagenix offers.  This video will walk you through the mindset of creating a powerful list.

5.  Once you have your Executive List, watch this video teaching you how to leverage the Top Down Invitation to connect with the people on your list.