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Beauty Pro Inbound Enrollment Process

They ask for information

You: “Thanks for reaching out. Tell me a little more about what some of your skin/hair goals are…”


Them: They answer.


“In that case, you’re going to love this. One of the primary benefits of this particular product is that it includes _____ which helps to ______ (reference a specific ingredient or feature of the product from your professional experience/opinion) and it’s one of many reasons I’m introducing this to all of my clients is because of the countless number of people I’ve seen get incredible results with similar goals as yours.  Do you want to see a few photos?

Them: Yes!


Enter 2-3 relevant photos (access photos here) 


Them: Wow, that’s amazing. 


You: What are some questions I can answer for you?


Them: They ask (pretty much any question they ask) 

  • If they ask about cost right away

    • “It’s incredibly affordable and there are a few different options, but before we get to that, I have a quick video that explains more about why this product is so special.  Do you have 2 mins to watch it right now?” 

Them: Yes.


You: Perfect. Once you’re done just let me know.


Them: Ok all done


You: Did that help get your question(s) answered? 


Handle objections/Answer Questions (using images linked here, you'll find the answer to most questions asked)


Continue to ask “Are there any other questions I can answer for you?” 


Them: How do I get started? 


You:  The best option if it works for you is 60 doses so you can do 2 doses a day for the first 30 days to accelerate results.  It's $225, free shipping, with a 30-day money back guarantee.  Does that work?

Them:  If yes, tell them "Great, I'll send a cart link so you can check out on your end.  Once you place your order you'll have your box within a few days.  It tastes AMAZING btw!"  

If they have a financial objection, down sell to smaller pack:  "No worries, there's a 40 dose pack for $167, does that feel better for you?"

You: Send link and the following message:

Here you go, just follow the link to check out. Process takes about 3 min to complete. You will see a section called Subscription Rewards, I set this up (free for you) to get you the best price today + free shipping on your first order. We can adjust that in future as needed. Also be sure to write down the username and password you create. You’re going to love this! Let me know if you have any questions.

Once they order, send a text thanking them for the order and reminding them to take photos of face, hairline, stretch marks, scars etc to really track their progress & results!  Also, ask if it would be okay to add them to a FB group where they can get more information and connect with a community who are all the same product! (Add & welcome them to team page)

You: Also, there's a great referral program.  For example, helping 2 friends get started on that same 60-pack would earn you $200 cash back or more.  Would that interest you?

Them: Yes, I'm totally interested in that.

You: Great, let me introduce you to my partner, they will walk you through that.  (Pass them on to your mentor via three-way message)

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