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The Soft Launch

Step 1: Get Paid Before Your Box Arrives

1. Text-A-Few: Follow this template to acquire your first handful of customers OR if you have employees/pros who rent space from you follow this template (coming soon). (Once people say YES, jump down to Steps 2 and 3 to become and Associate and send out links)

2. Social Media Tease: post a teaser on your IG/FB story to create curiosity (this could be before/afters, a poll about people interested in using collagen or improving their skin, etc)

Follow this template when people ask for more info 

3. Unboxing Video (IG/FB Live/Story) 

Follow this template when people ask for more info

Step 2: Become an Isagenix Associate

  1. Log into your back office at

  2. Click on “Become an Associate” and follow the steps to complete (make sure to opt in for email and text communication so you’re up to speed on promotions, business opportunities and events.)

Step 3: Create Your Shareable Links


Watch this instructional video OR follow the step by step instructions below: 

In your Isagenix home page while logged in, click “Team” on top bar

  1. Click “manage my recommended carts”

  2. Confirm the country and choose “Preferred Customer on Subscription Rewards”

  3. In product search bar, type “Afterglow”

  4. Choose “Afterglow Bundle” (shows 6 boxes total)

  5. Click “Add to cart”

  6. In cart pop-up window click “continue”

  7. In “Setup Subscription Rewards” window click “repeat initial order”

  8. In cart pop-up window click “continue”

  9. Insert name of cart as “60-dose pack”

  10. Click “save” in top right of page

  11. REPEAT steps #2 - #11 to create the “Beauty Bundle 40-dose pack”

  12. Download the FREE IsaLife App from the App Store for easy link sharing

Step 4: Setting Up Your Spa/Salon

Create QR Codes:

1: Go to IsaLife app and click the person icon in bottom right corner

2: Scroll to "My Team" and click "Share Isagenix"

3: Click a collagen bundle cart

4: Make sure under "placement" it is set as "Alternate Placement"

5: Click "Share this recommended cart" and copy link

6: Go to

7: Insert "recommended cart" link into URL spot

8: Click "Download PNG" to have the working QR code

9: Repeat Steps 3 to 8 with other collagen bundle

View example of Spa & Salon set ups here

Grab pop ups, postcards, flyers and more at

Check out these examples of how to set up your displays (coming soon)

Print Out or Download This Lookbook 

Print Out or Download These Shareable Images 

Post on IG/FB Stories to tease the set up 

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