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Text A Few (Collagen)

You: Hey,  I’m about to start (or I just started) using a new marine collagen product that’s brand new to the (US/CA etc)  market. Think you’d love it. 


Them: What is it? 


You: A friend of mine introduced me to it, it’s called Collagen Elixir. You should see the results people are getting, I've never seen anything like it. Drinking this one product reduces wrinkles, increases hydration, brightens skin, supports hair and nails, and best part, it's a totally clean product. Want to see some pics?

Them: Yes


You: (drop in 2-3 pics of people in their age/skin demo if possible)


They’ll say wow, and probably ask a question about the product.  


You:  I actually have a short video that explains the product, do you have 2 mins to watch it? 


Them: Yes for sure! 


You: (send video) Here you go.   


They will either come back with questions, or “how can I order?” or if they drop off, just circle back and ask  “Did you have a chance to watch the video? What are some questions I can answer for you?”


You handle objections/Answer Questions (using images)


Continue to ask “Are there any other questions I can answer for you?” 


Them: How do I get started? 


You present packs (You can use image and/or the following in text or as a voice memo): 

You:  The best option if it works for you is 60 doses so you can do 2 doses a day for the first 30 days to accelerate results.  It's $225, free shipping, with a 30-day money back guarantee.  Does that work?


"Great, I'll send a cart link so you can check out on your end.  Once you place your order you'll have your box within a few days.  It tastes AMAZING btw!"  

If they have a financial objection, down sell to smaller pack:  "No worries, there's a 40 dose pack for $167, does that feel better for you?"

You: Great, I’ll send a link right over. 

Once they've enrolled:

Would it be okay if I added you into our FB group? There's an abundance of great people, energy and resources in there.

Them: Sounds great.

You: Awesome, will do now.  Keep your eye out for the group invite.  Also, would it excite you to earn $200 just for sharing with two of your friends?

IF YES: I have a 3.5 min video explaining how that works.  Want me to drop it in here?

(here's the link to that video:

Ideally, once they've said they'd like to earn with Isagenix, whether it's enough to cover the cost of their products or even more than that, book them on a Zoom so you can show them their first few steps on, and if you're brand new, get them on a Zoom with your more experienced partner who can walk them through this with you.

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