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Collagen Top Down Invitation
(For Experienced Associates)

(via text or voice memo)



I’m not sure if the timing is right, but we recently released an extremely disruptive marine collagen product and I can’t help but think you’d kill it with this product. Would you be open to hopping on a quick 5-10 minute call, so I can share a bit more about what we’re up to and why I think it’s a great fit to go with what you’re already doing?   If not, no big deal.

What that 5-10 min phone call consists of, but for now, here are a couple of bullet points:

  • the primary intention is to move them from this call to a recorded webinar

  • the recommended sequence for the call is as follows

    • quick rapport / catch up

    • find out what's going on with them (listen for pain points)

    • share your brief Isagenix story & why you're excited about Collagen Elixir from a business perspective

    • "Does any of what I shared with you sounds like something you'd want to explore further?" 

    • Great, when do you have 30 min to watch a really in depth video that goes over the opportunity and business model? (Edify the webinar & Zach as the presenter)

    • Book a time to regroup for after they'll have watched the webinar

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